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Waverley Court User Forum (15 April 2021)

Thank you to Waverley Local Court for inviting me to attend its Court User Forum on 15 April 2021 as a representative of private practitioners. In attendance were Magistrate Huntsman, Magistrate Hudson, Registrar Cooke, and Deputy Registrar Swan.

Practitioners should note that Criminal call overs will resume on Tuesday and Wednesday at Waverley Local Court commencing on 20 April 2021. Practitioners’ attention is also drawn to the Chief Magistrate’s Memorandum dated 29 March 2021, accessible via the following link:

This is the first time a private practitioner has been invited to attend these forums, and I conveyed my willingness to continue to be a conduit for procedural messages between Waverley Local Court and local practitioners. The Registrar similarly expressed a willingness to maintain contact to ensure that the needs of practitioners are properly considered. If members have a procedure/practice issue they would like raised with the Registrar, please email me at

Jennifer Croker

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