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Past Seminar Papers

Advising Zombie Companies in 2023

Ben Sewell

26 July 2023

New Issues Arising from Trust Distributions

Nick Gangemi

30 November 2022

Interpretation of Wills: The Use of Extrinsic Evidence

Christoph Liedermann, Chalfont Chambers

8 December 2021


Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Family Law) Rules 2021 – the Survival Kit

Richard Maurice, Edmund Barton Chambers

12 October 2021

Unconscious Bias & Expert Evidence

Lee-May Saw, Frederick Jordan Chambers

11 August 2021

The Role of "Evaluation" in the Determination of Succession (Probate & Family Provision) Litigation

Justice Geoff Lindsay

16 June 2021


Effective Advocacy in the Local Court

Magistrate Glenn Bartley

17 March 2021

Common Problems & Pitfalls for Solicitors in Private Practice

Frances Moffitt, Law Society of NSW

30 October 2019

Termination of Leases

Anthony Herro, Herro Solicitors

31 August 2019

The Concept of "Special" Administration of a Deceased Estate

Justice Geoff Lindsay

31 August 2019

Sentencing in District Court Criminal Matters

Justice John North

31 August 2019

Elder Law: Identifying & Acting on Elder Abuse

Nola Ries, Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney

31 August 2019

Asset Lending, the Code of Banking Practice & the recent case of ASIC v Westpac

Ivan Leong

31 August 2019

Drafting Contracts of Employment

Philippa Noakes, Seyfarth Shaw

29 August 2019

Arbitration: Why Your Clients Should Use It & What You Need to Know So They Can

Justice Joe Harman

1 June 2019

Family Provision Claims - What's New?

John de Groot, de Groots Wills and Estate Lawyers

20 March 2019

Drafting Employment Contracts: Getting the Foundations Right

Ben Dudley & Philippa Noakes

March 2019

The Role of Discretion in Family Provision Claims

Philip Wallis, Barrister, Wardell Chambers

25 August 2018

Retail Leases: A Practical Guide to Mediation & NCAT

Anthony Herro, Herro Solicitors

25 August 2018


Privacy Law Update

Patrick Fair, Baker McKenzie

25 August 2018

P.A.U.S.E - A Framework for ADR

Fiona Kirkman, Kirkman Family Law

25 August 2018

Employment Law: General Protection Applications

Anthony Britt, Barrister, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers

25 August 2018

Costs in Family Law

Stephen Scarlett, Barrister, Edmund Barton Lawyers

25 August 2018

Conveyancing Update: August 2018

Tony Cahill

25 August 2018

Strata Titles - Problems & Recent Developments

Neville Moses

August 2018

Costs Agreements & Complying with the Uniform Law

Kerrie Rosati, DGT Costs Lawyers

13 June 2018

Joseph Thomas Reilly v Margaret Lilian Reilly & Others

Alun Hill, Barrister, Chalfoont Chambers

16 March 2018

Recent Wills & Estates Case Law

Pamela Suttor, L. Rundle & Co

1 November 2017

Statutory Wills

Philip Wallis, Barrister, Wardell Chambers

26 August 2017

Social Media & Insurance Claims

Bridie Nolan, Barrister, 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers

26 August 2017

How to Run a Case Involving Multiple Jurisdictions

Richard Maurice, Barrister, Edmund Barton Chambers

26 August 2017

Retail Leases Update

Anthony Herro, Herro Solicitors

26 August 2017

Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land 2017 Edition (Paper | Powerpoint)

Tony Cahill

26 August 2017

Mediation & How to Negotiate the Best Result for Your Client

Karen Stott

22 March 2017

Review of Family Provision Cases

Greg George, Barrister, 3rd Floor Wentworth Chambers


Family Provision Applications

Ben Symons, Barrister, State Chambers

25 October 2016

Statutory Construction Case Examples

Michael McHugh SC, 16th Floor Wardell Chambers

29 June 2016

Estate Planning, Superannuation & Taxation

Ben Symons, Barrister, State Chambers

12 March 2015

Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land 2014 Edition & eConveyancing

Tony Cahill

4 March 2015

Caveats: Essential Step or Tactical Weapon

David Smallbone, Barrister, Frederick Jordan Chambers


Hot Topics in the Workplace

Ian Latham, Barrister, Denman Chambers

29 October 2014

Sale of Business - Doing the Heads of Agreement

Damian Scroope, Sydney Business Lawyers

16 October 2013

Controlling Costs in Litigation - Indemnity Orders & Calderbanks

John Hatzistergos, Barrister, 8th Floor Wentworth Chambers

26 June 2013


Disclaimer: Some papers are kept for archival purposes and may not be up to date.

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