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NSW Young Lawyers Mid-Year Assembly 2022

On 30 and 31 July 2022, I was fortunate enough to attend the NSW Law Society Young Lawyers Mid-Year Assembly as the Young Lawyers Representative for the Eastern Suburbs Law Society at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Sydney.

With almost everything over the past 2 years since the pandemic began being conducted remotely, we have all experienced the convenience of attending our CPD lectures, meetings, and networking events and from our own homes. However, it is easy to forget the value of meeting with each other in person, and sharing our thoughts, ideas, issues and successes we have experienced in navigating the early years of our legal careers.

The weekend began with a meeting between the Young Lawyers Executive Committee and the various regional delegates. Being relatively new to the role of ESLS Young Lawyers Representative, I was grateful to hear about the initiatives of the other regional delegates including, lunchtime yoga, speed-networking events and CPD breakfasts. I’m eager to implement some of these ideas with the ESLS.

With the Young Lawyers’ Charity for 2022 being the Australian Centre for Disability Law, it was apt that the theme of promoting inclusivity and diversity in the legal profession was present throughout the agenda of speakers and panels. We heard from a range of speakers who were able to provide insight into the challenges practitioners with disabilities and who come from diverse cultural backgrounds continue to face in the Australian legal profession, as well as the value these practitioners bring to advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable members of our society. We also discussed common ethical dilemmas which arise in early practice and overcoming the challenges of procrastination and perfectionism.

Attending the Mid-Year Assembly truly highlighted to me the value of being involved with the Law Society and particularly Young Lawyers. With the majority of us young lawyers having had the early years of our career curtailed by the social restrictions of the pandemic, I hope to see many more young lawyers getting involved. In fact, we’re planning Eastern Suburbs Law Society Young Lawyers pub trivia night shortly, which would be a great place to start!

Jessica Fonti

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