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Report on Regional President’s Meeting – 16 July 2021

On behalf of ESLS, I attended the Regional Presidents Meeting hosted by the Law Society of NSW, on 16 July 2021. This meeting was scheduled to take place in Armidale but, unfortunately, had to be rearranged to a virtual format to comply with the requirements of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. It was a shame to not be able to converse with the other delegates in person, but still fantastic to hear reports and updates from the President and CEO of the Law Society of NSW. I was reminded of the functions and role of Regional and Suburban Law Societies, and it is worth reflecting upon these here.

Regional and Suburban Law Societies exist to provide accessible and locally relevant forms of support to practitioners in their region, including local delivery of CPD, opportunities for practitioners to network locally, mental health support and well-being training. This may include:

  • facilitating communication and mutual support between practitioners at a local and regional level, to maintain the collegiate and vocational character of the profession

  • planning and delivering activities that meet the educational and professional needs of local and regional practitioners, including CPD and access to practice tools

  • informing local and regional practitioners of sources of information and assistance

  • representing the needs and perspectives of regional practitioners to the LSNSW

  • facilitating regional input to LSNSW on significant policy issues either by making submissions to LSNSW or giving input into draft LSNSW prepared submissions

  • facilitating the involvement of local practitioners in community legal education and advice initiatives

If you have any thoughts on how we can better provide support to Eastern Suburbs practitioners, please get in touch.

Jennifer Croker, President


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