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President's Report on Regional Presidents Meeting (21 May 2021)

It was a pleasure to represent ESLS at the second Regional President’s Meeting for 2021, held electronically on 21 May 2021.

Reports were provided on behalf of The Law Society of New South Wales by the CEO, the President, the Director of Policy & Practice, and the Media & Public Relations Manager. A key question for our profession moving forward is going to be what a post-covid 19 world looks like and means for access to justice. We were also treated to a report by Annmarie Lumsden, the Chair of the Criminal Law Committee, who provided an update on the submissions being made by the committee, including in relation to the proposed coercive control laws.

Members should be aware that these meetings are an opportunity for me to discuss issues in practice with the President and CEO of The Law Society of New South Wales on your behalf. Issues raised at the meeting last Friday included the increased prevalence of Probate requisitions (especially in relation to Will maker capacity) and the cost of providing the required advice to Enduring Guardians. The next meeting will be held on 16 July 2021. If you have an issue that you would like me to raise on your behalf, please email me at

Your attention is directed to the Staying Well in the Law series of seminars being run by The Law Society of NSW this year. The next seminar – ‘Understanding & Managing Perfectionism’- will be held on Wednesday, 2 June 2021, and is free to members. Find out more by following this link:

Jennifer Croker

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